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The Alexandre Foundation provides services and life-saving resources to and advocacy for people in need in New York, particularly in the areas of people with disabilities and health problems, educational excellence, civic engagement, and entrepreneurship.

The Alexandre Foundation was created to help individuals, families, and organizations in need. AF provides services and resources to marginalized people in New York, and advocates on their behalf. AF’s programs help people navigate the bureaucracy and red tape that prove challenging to individuals with special needs, including people with disabilities, elderly people, and individuals with chronic health problems. Because AF is committed to human advancement through the pursuit of knowledge and the fulfillment of individual potential, we work to promote and sustain creative environments in which our young people have the necessary opportunities to achieve educational excellence.

We work to create opportunities for people to become community leaders. To promote economic success in our communities, we support small business initiatives and entrepreneurs. AF connects community members with services that help them to achieve justice and the protection of their civil, political, social and cultural rights. We advocate for and work with immigrants who are unaware of their legal rights, along with various other vulnerable individuals and groups who have been marginalized by society. 

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